Pharma Manufacturing

Satisfaction in every product is the first rule for every customer, as the customer is spending his hard-earned money. Majorly of people are looking for the best manufacturing company so that they can satisfy their customers. Many companies make the promise to give the finest quality drug formulations but very little fulfill these promises. To provide the supreme quality drug formulations, we the team of Neorangic Healthcare are making the efforts to produce the best ever quality of drug formulations. Neorangic Healthcare is a leading Best Pharma Manufacturing Services in India. Our Company facilitates the people with the production of the large-scale drug formulations.

We are producing the drugs that are not supreme in the quality but wide in the category also. On top of it, we are giving the facility of the drugs from the all over India. So our this facility also inspires the people to get the facility of our drugs and to some be our dealer.

Apart from it, many companies will offer you drugs that do not have their own manufacturing units’ facilities. However, in case you be our associate then you will get the facility of not only the pharma dealing but the manufacturing one also.

Best Pharma Manufacturing Services in India = Neorangic Healthcare

Now have a look at the procedure that we follow in the product making:

Raw Material of Premier Quality

At the very first, to make any product you need the raw material of the premier quality. So to make this thing possible we the team of Neorangic Healthcare is getting raw material from the certified vendors. These vendors having the services to collect the raw material directly from the fields. In a result, we provide the sources of the greatest quality of raw material. Therefore, overall we get the facility of the best ever kind of drug formulations.


Our company has started the research on the many products with the help of our R&D that stands for Research and Development team. All the products of our company are made prepared after a lot of search so that the customers can facilitate their self with the finest quality drugs in the area. We have a team of well-qualified scientists that belongs to different categories like, microbiology, pharmaceutical sciences, which are part of the science. We are engaged in the formulation of diverse kinds of drugs in the area. Many things that we take care of at the time of production includes the stability testing, formulation development, data generation and submission to data authorities’ ofn the national and international level.

Operations in Neorangic Healthcare

We, Neorangic Healthcare have specifically cared about the operations that keep the most important in the manufacturing process. As these operations, make the complete work in the manufacturing process. We have made the locations for the pharma manufacturing products making and delivery in the areas that come with the many facilities.

  1. On top of it, to make the supply chain of the drugs in the best way, we have the facility of over 100 associates of the franchise stock and C&F Partners. All these partners are get located at strategic locations. These come in the area of the Indian subcontinent that makes the operations highly efficient.
  2. The unit's location advantage is received by our partners in the form of other facilities such as transporters, couriers and are also available in the vicinity of the services.
  3. Apart from it, we have the business tie-ups with the logistic partners that make the possibility of the best rates, timely delivery on consignments on priority to give the value to our customers.
  4. Last but not least we have the facility of the dedicated staff, that monitors and track the consignments that are dispatched and gives regular updates to the customers.

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance

In the talking of the specific manufacturing units, our units for the manufacturing procedure are entirely certified with the certification of the WHO and GMP units.Further, the facility of the export-oriented units is WHO-cGMP compliant. Moreover, we have the facility of the high tech machines that are not only modern in the technology but give the facility of the best ever drug formulations.

  1. Some of the famous companies' machines we are using are CADMACH, ACG-PAMPAC, ANCHOR MARK, WATERS, BOSCH, GANSONS, etc.
  2. We are following the rules of the state of the art manufacturing units. These are the rules that make the possibility of supreme quality drug formulations.
  3. We are also using the other associated codes, such as good laboratory practice ( GLP), and Good Clinical Practice. In addition, the rules that we follow in the production of the manufacturing drugs are also defined in the written form, for the ensured of the follow-up policies of the manufacturing process.
  4. When it comes to the last step then the finished product is again processed and get checked according to the defined operations.